A better way to finance.

RTO Mobile isn’t a cellular finance company, it’s better.

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Never lose a sale again.

How many times does a customer walk out of your store because they can’t afford to pay for the merchandise they want all at once? With RTO Mobile, wireless retailers can provide rent-to-own payment options. RTO Mobile gives retailers the power to close every sale, make more profit for themselves and price merchandise so it becomes affordable for their customers.

Rent to own solutions

Rent-to-Own Solutions

Create your own customer experience and take control of your sales with rent-to-own options personalized for each customer.

Increase profit margins

Increase Profit Margins

Never lose a customer again with your own rent-to-own program. With RTO Mobile, you make the profit, not a cellular finance company.

Consistent cash flow

Consistent Cash Flow

With just one contract a week, you can create a portfolio that builds more than $100K profit throughout the year from just ONE store.

How It Works

We were looking for a cellular finance company to partner with, but what we found was even better. RTO Mobile has increased our sales and profits more than we could have ever imagined.

John C.

RTO Mobile stepped in right at the perfect time. We were struggling to keep up with cell phone financing options that are available online. With RTO Mobile, we’ve grown a business like never before.

Sarah H.

Our portfolio has grown by leaps and bounds. We never could have been where we’re at today as a business without them.

Paul M.
Increase store profitability

How RTO Mobile fuels your store’s profitability.

RTO Mobile saw that wireless retailers were in survival mode, struggling to compete with all of the virtual means of acquiring cellular devices, accessories, and phone repairs. Until now, wireless retailers had limited choices to offer payment options to customers. The worst choice being to partner with a traditional cellular finance company. While finance companies offer leasing to customers, the retailer remains uninvolved in the leasing transaction and has no profit opportunity. Worse yet, if the cellular finance company determines that the customer does not qualify, the retailer has to deliver the “no” message to the customer, which is always bad news. RTO Mobile changes this.

Our Mission

Better for your customer, more profitable for you.

We’re not a cellular finance company, we’re better. Our sole mission is to help you, as a retailer, attract more customers and increase profits by giving you the power to create your own rent-to-own program that is BETTER FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS AND MORE PROFITABLE FOR YOU.

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