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Expensive Repairs and Phone Upgrades Become Instantly Affordable for Your Customers

When customers can't afford to pay all at once for expensive repairs or to replace the device with a better cell phone or accessory bundle, don't lose the sale. Make it affordable. Offer in-house payment plans.

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Why the  RTO Mobile Software Platform?

With Payment Plans, An Expensive Repair Doesn't Mean Its Unaffordable

Repair Without Limits

Put expensive repairs on payment plans. Never lose a repair sale again. Build in-house payment plans cell phones, tablets, or accessory bundles.

Experience Down Payment Magic

Collect a down payment covering your parts cost upfront. Every subsequent payment becomes pure profit, exceeding what you'd make if customers paid all at once.

Boost Profitability on Trade-ins

Trade in damaged phones, refurbish them inexpensively, and offer them on in-house payment plans. Repair and resell the traded-in phones for added profitability.

Grow Device Sales In New Ways

Device Sales in Repair Shops is one of the fastest growing product categories. Create in-house payment plans so customers can instantly afford your high-end merchandise.

The RTO Mobile Software Platform

Elevate Your Cell Phone Repair Shop to New Heights

Sometimes Numbers Speak Louder Than Words

See the Financial Advantages of In-House Payment Plans for You and Customers

With 3rd-Party Finance

You lose control by giving the customer and the profits away. You may also be giving away your valuable customer information to be sold a competitor.

Cash Price:
Weekly Payment:
Total Paid By Customer:
Your Profit:

*for illustrative purposes and based on publicly available information.

With an In-House Payment Plan on the RTO Mobile Softwarwe Platform

You keep control over how much the customer pays and you keep the profit. You keep the customer coming back to your store. We never give your data away to your competitor.

Cash Price:
Weekly Payment:
Total Paid By Customer:
Your Profit:

*for illustrative purposes based on national averages of in-house payment plans originated using the RTO Mobile software platform.  

By creating an in-house Payment Plan using the RTO Mobile software platform, you make an additional $591 profit from one payment plan, while your customer saves $338.

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Empowering Success: A Tale of Triumph for CPR Cell Phone Repair Franchisee

Discover how quick it is to get started on an in-house payment plan program and see early results like this CRP Cell Phone repair store did in just 3 months from the time they started. It's an inspiring story for others who may feel stuck with the pitfall of 3rd-party financing for customers and the importance of personalizing payment plans for customers.

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