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Empowering Success: A Tale of Triumph for CPR Cell Phone Repair Franchisee

Discover how quick it is to get started on an in-house payment plan program and see early results like this CRP Cell Phone repair store did in just 3 months from the time they started. It's an inspiring story for others who may feel stuck with the pitfall of 3rd-party financing for customers and the importance of personalizing payment plans for customers.

United States
Phone Repair Shop


28 new customers in the first 3 months
28 customers will generate $26,000 of revenue
Average Ticket: $960

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"We are off to a great start with our in-house payment plan program. It's is showing great promise, and already has turned a profit. These days, customers want payment options. It's just that simple."
— Cedric, franchisee owner Cell Phone Repair

This story is about Empowering Success: A Tale of Triumph for CPR Cell Phone Repair Franchisee

CPR Cell Phone Repair Store owners have heartbeats that pulse with a desire to succeed through exceptional customer service and profitability.

Meet Cedric. He is a visionary owner with four CPR stores. He has not only transformed the fortunes of his businesses but also paved the way for fellow repair shop owners. Particularly those of immigrant backgrounds.

Cedric’s journey to success is marked by his innovative approach to customer service, specifically through in-house payment plans.

Recognizing the diverse financial backgrounds of his clientele, Cedric implemented personalized payment options that resonate with customers from various walks of life. This inclusive strategy has not only elevated customer satisfaction but has also become the catalyst for a sea change in revenue growth and new customer acquisition across his stores.

The key to Cedric's success lies in offering customers flexibility. Using the RTO Mobile software platform, his in-house payment plans allow store sales associates to tailor payment plans to fit customer budgets, pay off their purchases early, and even reschedule payments under special circumstances. This level of accommodation has not only fostered customer loyalty but has also positioned Cedric's stores as beacons of understanding and support in the community.

Cedric emphasizes that in-house plans outshine any third-party financing options for several reasons. First of all, cost-effectiveness for customers. By cutting out the intermediaries, customers enjoy lower costs, making high-quality cell phone merchandise within their reach.

Another reason, which is the icing on the cake, is the significant boost in profitability for Cedric's stores. In fact, these personalized payment plans have proven to be 3 to 4 times more profitable.

Cedric is not just a business owner; he is an inspiration to others within the repair shop community. His journey showcases that success is not only about selling products or repair services. Its more about building relationships, understanding customer needs, and creating innovative solutions that benefit both the customer and the business.

As the ripple effect of Cedric's success has started to reach far, he stands as a testament to the fact that embracing diversity, understanding customer dynamics, and offering personalized solutions can lead to unparalleled success in the competitive world of cell phone retail.

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