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FastFix's Innovative Approach: Increasing Device Sales and Profits

Discover how FastFix's in-house payment plans, featuring a 90-day 'same-as-cash' option, revolutionized device sales, leading to a 30% increase and $40,000 in monthly extra profit.

United States
Cell Phone Retailer

Key Results

30% increase in device sales
70% of customers opt to for 90-days "same-as-cash"

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"My cellular store is inside of a grocery store in Dallas. I’ve recouped 100% of my initial investment and am now making over $40,000 per month of additional profit from my in-house payment plan program."
— Angelo, FastFix Electronics

This is a story about something unusual happening in Dallas Texas.

An El Rancho Grocery Store, located in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, is not just a destination for groceries; it has successfully integrated a thriving multi-carrier cellular store within its premises. This innovative approach has allowed customers to access high-end cell phones at great values, making the El Rancho store a one-stop-shop for both grocery essentials and cutting-edge technology.

The multi-carrier cellular store within the El Rancho grocery store is operated by Angelo, a successful entrepeneur and owner of the store. Angelo's passion for meeting customers needs resulted in his creation of unique rent-to-own payment plans, that make high-end smartphones more affordable.

But Angelo also provides customers the flexibility of a 90-day "same as cash" purchase option.

Customers can opt for this feature, allowing them to own the device outright but have 90 days to pay the balance after making smaller payments. Alternatively, customers can continue with regular rent-to-own payments until the contract is paid in full, offering a convenient and tailored choice to suit individual preferences.

The El Rancho Grocery Store's cellular shop has seamlessly incorporated the RTO Mobile software platform to streamline the in-house payment plan program. The software empowers sales associates to efficiently administer and oversee the rent-to-own contracts. The RTO Mobile software platform not only facilitates easy tracking of payments but also enables the store to provide a smooth and transparent experience for customers navigating the rent-to-own process.

The Key Benefits:

  1. Convenience: Customers can conveniently shop for groceries while exploring the latest high-end cell phones, creating a unique shopping experience under one roof.
  2. Financial Flexibility: The rent-to-own payment plans with a 90-day "same as cash" option provide customers with financial flexibility, making premium smartphones more accessible.
  3. Streamlined Management: The integration of the RTO Mobile software platform streamlines the management of in-house payment plans, ensuring transparency and efficiency in handling customer transactions.

The combination of groceries and cutting-edge technology has positioned El Rancho as a versatile retail destination catering to a diverse range of customer needs.

So, the conclusion in all of this is that an innovative approach of integrating a multi-carrier cellular store with in-house payment plans in a grocery store venue has proven to be a successful venture.

By implementing the RTO Mobile software platform, the store has enhanced its customer experience and solidified its position as a forward-thinking retail establishment, meeting the evolving demands of its diverse customer base.

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