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Putting Customers First Spells Success In Rural Kentucky’s Small Towns

Kentucky’s 1 STOP PHONE SHOP’s commitment to customers, through tailored in-house payment plans, improved their profitability and helped their customers. Customers smile, profits soar.

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Key Results

Payment plans for 45 new customers in 9 months.
On-track for a 92% return on cost of goods investment.

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"My management team quickly learned the talk track to offer payment plans to customers who couldn't afford to pay for a new phone all at one time. We noticed how easy it was to create a plan that fit the customer's budget. Sales increased and customers are happy."
— Josh, owner at 1 Stop Phone Shop

There is a story about something special happening in London, but not the London you are thinking about.

When you hear about London, images of the iconic London Bridge or the Queen of England come to mind. However, nestled in the heart of Kentucky is a small town also with the name London. With a population of about 7,500 people, London Kentucky may not be the first place that comes to mind with thinking of cutting -edge technology. Yet One Stop Phone Shop has managed to carve out a niche for itself in this small town, drawing customers from the entire region.

Understanding the economic constraints of the community, the founders of One Stop Phone Shop recognize the need for reliable cell phones at affordable prices. In a region where every dollar counts, the store adopted a customer-friendly approach, initially offering layaway purchase plans for cell phones. While this worked to some extent, the customers wanted the ability to take their phones home immediately.

Enter RTO Mobile a software platform that empowers stores to create flexible payment plans that fit customer budgets. Recognizing the potential for this solution, the owners of One Stop Phone Shop decided to leverage RTO Mobile software to provide their customers with rent-to-own payment options.

One Stop Phone Shop has now become synonymous with accommodating its customers through rent-to-own payment plans tailored to individual budgets. Unlike traditional long-term contracts promoted by some 3rd-party finance companies, One Stop Phone Shop customers can opt for weekly or bi-weekly payments with added flexibility of an early pay option. This not only addresses customer financial constraints, but also ensures that customers can walk out of the store with the phones they need immediately.

By adopting the RTO Mobile software platform, One Stop Phone Shop meets the immediate needs of customers and has discovered a very profitable business model. Flexible payment options not only increased customer satisfaction, but also contributed to a more significant profit margin.

In the heart of Kentucky, where the town's name might not conjure up thoughts of cutting-edge technology, One Stop Phone Shop stands as a pillar of the community by embracing the RTO Mobile software platform. The store stepped up to meet the needs of its customers, and in doing so, the owners established the store as a reliable destination for affordable cellular solutions. This small-town success story proves that innovation and understanding the needs of customers can create a win-win scenario for both businesses and customers.

One Stop Phone Shop is now on its way opening stores across the central Kentucky region. Payment plans are a key part of their strategy.

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