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Smart Decisions, Smarter Growth: The Success of Smart Electronic & Furniture's Revenue Strategy

A strategic shift by the owner of Smart Electronic & Furniture in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, effectively addressed the challenge of customers walking away due to the high cost of quality smartphones.

United States
Cell Phone Retailer


340 New Customers and Growing
$27,000 per month in payment plan revenue
PROFIT: $232,000

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"When customers can't afford to pay for merchandise all at once, if you don't find a way to help them, they will leave the store and you will lose a sale. I found a way, and it's made a huge difference in my sales."
— Alberto, owner at Smart Electronic & Furniture

Right In the heart of Whitehall Pennsylvania there's a happy place for people who love cell phones but can't afford to pay for a good one all at once. It's called Smart Electronic & Furniture, a small but lively store owned by a creative guy named Alberto.

Alberto isn't just an ordinary store owner. He always has creative and smart ideas to make his customers happy and to grow revenue. His store has bright colors, and it feels cheerful when you walk in. Even though the atmosphere is happy, Alberto had a big problem.

In a time when everyone needs a good smartphone, Alberto's customers want the best ones, but they're expensive. It was no surprise that the better the phone, the more money it costs, and not everyone has all the money at once to pay for the phone. Alberto thought hard about this and came up with a great idea.

He thought "What if I can let people pay for their phones over time with rent-to-own payment plans, so they don't have to pay all the money at once".

He found exactly the right software to do all of this. It is the RTO Mobile software platform that makes Alberto’s idea work. With the RTO Mobile software platform, Alberto creates in-house payment plans for his customers and personalizes them to fit their budget. And the software will gently lock the customer's phone if their payment isn't made on time but still allow access to emergency calling and calls to the store. The software also sends friendly text message reminders about upcoming payments that are due.

People got really excited when Alberto started this new way to own the phone they want. The store became even more popular, and soon everyone in Whitehall started talking about the cool payment plans.

People come to the store not just for the newest phones, but also because they can afford them without spending too much money at once. As more and more people join the party, Smart Electronic & Furniture becomes a place where everyone, no matter how much money they have, can own a good phone.

The icing on the cake in all of this is not only did Alberto's store sales grow rapidly from attracting lots of new customers but he now has residual revenue from the payment plans coming in every week, all year long. The cashflow happens automatically.

Alberto is delighted and his customers are happy to have the cell phones that they need.

Alberto doesn't just sell phones. He makes sure everyone can be happy with a reliable cell phone purchased through in-house payment plans that fit customer budgets.

The smart move was the best decision for Smart Electronic & Furniture. Its an example a smart thinking, kindness, and way to offer customers what they want at an affordable price.

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