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RTO Mobile relies heavily on its Partners for technologies and distribution. We are highly selective in choosing Partners assuring that our vision, mission, and values are well aligned.

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RTO Mobile’s proprietary device locking technology is deeply Integrated with Apple iOS achieving unprecedented levels of security. Device IMEIs are registered with Apple. Except for emergency calls and selected contacts, locking technology renders the device inoperable and places it in "lost-phone mode".


RTO Mobile’s proprietary locking technology is deeply Integrated with Android OS with an added layer of Samsung's KNOX security.  Device IMEIs are registered with Google for control anywhere in the world. Lock software installation is simplified with over-the-air and "zero-touch" lock installation.


Every minute of the day, people, businesses and financial institutions are connecting with one another through payments and financial services technology from Fiserv. RTO Mobile auto-bill-pay feature is seamlessly integrated with Fiserv's systems through the Clover Connect merchant services network.


Marceco is a Direct Distribution Partner for Boost Mobile, a Wireless Products Provider, and More! RTO Mobile is available to all Marceco Dealers throughout the U.S. Many Boost Authorized Dealers serviced by Marceco have grown their businesses through in-house payment plans on the RTO Mobile platform.

Wireless Dealer Group

Wireless Dealer Group helps each other dealers grow their businesses and makes cellphone stores more profitable. RTO Mobile is available to dealers through Wireless Dealers Group throughout the U.S. Many Wireless Dealer Group store owners have had exceptional buy-now-pay-later programs using the RTO Mobile software platform.

Clover Connect

Clover Connect, formerly Card Connect, products change the consumer/merchant experience for the better, opening avenues for seamless customer-merchant interactions. The RTO Mobile software platform integrates with Clover Connect merchant services platform and supports "card-not-present transactions.


Samsung Knox is a business platform for configuring and managing mobile devices – offering efficient and customized use. RTO Mobile integrates with the Samsung KNOX technology to provide added layers of device security on Samsung devices.

Lux Wireless

Lux Wireless is a rapidly growing, premier full-service cell phone accessory wholesaler and product manufacturer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Lux Wireless provides a wide array of cell phones attractively priced for users of the RTO Mobile software platform.

One Source Suppliers

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction by aiming to be the #1 cellular accessory wholesale distributor in the US. By partnering with RTO Mobile we help to empower our dealers to sell more devices and accessories.

Wireless Shop

Wireless Shop embraces a dynamic philosophy that has taken Wireless Shop from a start-up product distributor to a leading national master agent. RTO Mobile is available to Wireless Shop Dealers throughout the U.S.

Repairs First Association

The mission of Repairs First Association (RFA) is to unite industry experts and deliver unparalleled information and support to valued members. Members of RFA enjoy special RTO Mobile account credits that displace the entire cost of RFA Membership.

Wireless Waves

Wireless Waves carries major wireless accessory brands to facilitate retailers to enjoy bulk pricing regardless of the quantity they purchase and provide them a one-stop-shop for all their wireless needs including, phones, accessories, sim cards, packaging, cell phone displays, etc.

All Wireless & Prepaid Expo

Since 2008, All Wireless & Prepaid Expo has been the premier event for prepaid wireless and value-added services. When it comes to prepaid wireless – from MVNO hosting partners and back-end technology, to top up and retail distribution, no other event brings more prepaid providers together under one roof.

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Gadget Repair Expo

Our mission is to provide a vibrant and inclusive space where repair experts, manufacturers, suppliers, and enthusiasts come together to exchange ideas, showcase cutting-edge technologies, and learn from each other. We aim to inspire the next generation of repair professionals, instilling in them a passion for repairing, maintaining electronic devices, and selling more.

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