Vision, Mission, Story & Core Values

Guided by our vision and mission, we empower retailers with innovative software for flexible payment plans. RTO’s commitment to affordability, customer satisfaction, respect, continuous learning while having fun, steers our journey, shaping every decision and action since 2016.

Our Vision

We envision a world where retailers of every kind can provide an array of flexible and affordable in-house payment plans, turning shopping into a worry-free experience. It's about making that must-have item instantly affordable for families everywhere. That's the future we're creating at RTO Mobile!

Our Mission

We're on a mission to bring our vision to life by crafting top-tier, reliable software as a service. Complemented by our highly responsive and expert customer support, and a commitment to responsible, fair business practices, we aim to not just meet, but exceed our customers expectations at every turn.

The Founding of RTO Mobile: A David-and-Goliath Tale in Tech Innovation

In 2016, two visionary individuals sowed the seeds for a revolutionary idea. They embarked on a journey to create a software platform tailored for multi-carrier cell phone and repair shop owners. This platform was designed to facilitate in-house payment plans, a concept aimed at transforming the prepaid cell phone industry.

The founders, equipped with a rich background in large-scale software development, recognized an opportunity to change how this sector of the industry could assist customers in acquiring essential phones while simultaneously enhancing profit margins for storeowners.

Confronting the limitations and frustrations encountered with large third-party finance companies, the founders aspired to empower store owners with an online system. This system was conceived to provide unparalleled flexibility in payment plans while mitigating the risks associated with non-payment.

Embodying the spirit of David against Goliath, they sought to liberate store owners from the constraints of external financing. Their goal was to enable these owners to reclaim autonomy, increase profits, and offer customers more affordable and cost-effective payment options. This vision was rooted in the belief that the industry was ripe for a more beneficial, owner-centric approach.

The founders' unique blend of experiences set the stage for RTO Mobile's success. With backgrounds as influential executives in both the cell phone industry and software development, they brought a unique perspective to the table. Their collective experience included leading one of the first multi-carrier MVNO and MVNE enterprises in the prepaid cellular industry, achieving revenues near $100M, and designing popular point-of-sale systems for cell phone stores.

Holding key executive roles in global software companies with accomplishments like executing IPOs and generating annual revenues exceeding $400M, their expertise was vast. They had been CEOs in companies that developed the world's most widely used software for managing commercial mortgage portfolios and real estate systems. This blend of industry knowledge, technical acumen, and leadership expertise fueled RTO Mobile’s pursuit of its visionary goals.

Building on this innovative journey, a key outcome of RTO Mobile's platform emerged: consumer empowerment.

Recognizing the high costs associated with third-party finance companies, the founders were driven to create a solution beneficial for both store owners and consumers. This pivotal aspect of RTO Mobile's approach ensures that consumers enjoy significantly lower prices on payment plans offered by stores using their technology, compared to similar merchandise financed through external companies. This commitment not only underlines RTO Mobile's brand promise but also positions consumers as the true heroes of this narrative, enjoying quality products at more affordable rates.

Today, RTO Mobile stands as a testament to the founders' unwavering commitment to innovation and customer service. It has become a mission-critical business partner for its clients, redefining how cell phone store and repair shop owners can help their customers acquire reliable cell phones while boosting store profitability. This journey of RTO Mobile is not just a story of technological advancement but a tale of challenging the status quo, embodying the true spirit of David and Goliath in the modern tech landscape.

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Our Core Values

We care deeply about what we do and how we do it. Woven into the fabric of our company culture are three core values that guide our daily operations.


We Put People First

No matter who a person represents, whether internal or external, and in all circumstances, respect for the person is always to be reflected in our interactions. This is always easier to say than to do. To the extent possible, we ask the same of others.


Learning from Mistakes

Mistakes happen because we are imperfect humans. But when mistakes occur, we want to understand them and treat them as learning experiences so that we don’t constantly repeat our mistakes. We want our customers and colleagues to let us know when we make mistakes.


Having Fun

We believe in having fun and the power that joy can have in the workplace. It fuels creativity, improves productivity and makes every day more enjoyable. By balancing hard work with lighthearted fun, we maintain a vibrant and positive environment that serves us and you.

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