RTO Mobile Forms Strategic Alliance with One Source Suppliers

RTO Mobile and One Source Suppliers join forces to make wireless accessories affordable with new payment plans and retailer benefits.

In a groundbreaking move, RTO Mobile has announced a strategic alliance with One Source Suppliers, the leading wireless wholesale accessory distributor in the U.S. This alliance aims to transform the pricing of wireless accessories and cell phone merchandise, making this merchandise more affordable to consumers through innovative in-house payment plans.

The primary thrust of the collaboration is to reach out to thousands of cell phone store and repair shop owners, providing them with insights on how to make wireless accessories and cell phone merchandise affordable for customers. By offering payment plans, the alliance seeks to bridge the gap between high-quality accessories and consumers, ensuring that customers can enjoy the latest accessories without breaking the bank.

Both companies plan to launch continuous national awareness campaigns targeting retailers, emphasizing the benefits of their alliance. The goal is to educate store owners on the advantages of bundling high-quality accessories with cell phone sales and offering these bundles through affordable payment plans. This strategy is expected to not only attract new customers but also boost revenues and increase profits for store owners.

As part of the alliance, RTO Mobile and One Source Suppliers will give preference to referring customers to each other. This mutual support system will further strengthen the partnership and maximize the reach of their innovative approach to pricing and selling wireless accessories.

The power of the alliance lies in bundling top-notch accessories with cell phone sales and placing these bundles on payment plans that cater to the budgets of customers. Store owners stand to benefit by acquiring new customers, while customers enjoy the advantages of owning a reliable cell phone device protected by essential accessories like screen protectors, cases, and appropriate power adapters.

With this strategic alliance, RTO Mobile and One Source Suppliers are set to reshape the landscape of the wireless accessory market, making high-quality accessories more accessible and affordable for consumers across the nation.

Inquiries regarding this press release should be directed to info@rtomobile.com.

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