Retailer Success Stories: Transforming Businesses with In-house Payment Plans

These inspiring stories from our clients show the remarkable growth in revenue they’ve experienced through our software and their in-house payment plans. These testimonials are not just stories; they're proof of the transformative power of the RTO Mobile technology.

"My cellular store is inside of a grocery store in Dallas. I’ve recouped 100% of my initial investment and am now making over $40,000 per month of additional profit from my in-house payment plan program."
— Angelo, FastFix Electronics
"For all of my stores, I now have control over creating affordable payment plans for my customers. And when special circumstances come up in their lives, I can help them adjust the plan anytime."
— Harold, owner of Cellutalk
"My management team quickly learned the talk track to offer payment plans to customers who couldn't afford to pay for a new phone all at one time.  We noticed how easy it was to create a plan that fit the customer's budget. Sales increased and customers are happy."
— Josh, owner at 1 Stop Phone Shop
"When we saw so many customers getting rejected from finance companies, we knew that there had to be a better way. We wanted to make our own approval decisions and wanted much more flexibility to create payment plans that were fair to customers but also generated more profit." 
— Amador, owner at NG Cellular
"We are off to a great start with our in-house payment plan program. It's is showing great promise, and already has turned a profit. These days, customers want payment options. It's just that simple." 
— Cedric, franchisee owner Cell Phone Repair
"When customers can't afford to pay for merchandise all at once, if you don't find a way to help them, they will leave the store and you will lose a sale. I found a way, and it's made a huge difference in my sales." 
— Alberto, owner at Smart Electronic & Furniture

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