A revolutionary solution for
wireless retailers.

With RTO Mobile’s cellular rent-to-own software technologies, wireless retailers can sell a full range of merchandise including high-end smartphones, accessories and repairs at affordable prices for their customers with affordable payment options. But it doesn’t end there.

How It Works

With 1 Rent-to-Own Contract per day, you can make an additional $100K per year, PER STORE!

Here is how: When powered by RTO Mobile, this is what you can offer your customers.

The Latest

Estimated retail cost: $999
Rent-to-Own starting at:
$21 a week

Phone &

Estimated retail cost: $499
Rent-to-Own starting at:
$11 a week


Estimated retail cost: $199
Rent-to-Own starting at:
$4 a week

All Profits Flow to You

You make all the profits! With just one contract a day per store, you have the ability to make over $100K a year in profit.

Customers Have More Options

Did you know that when given the option, over 70% of wireless customers prefer to pay for their products over time? RTO Mobile’s cellular rent-to-own program gives you the power to offer your customers the payment options they prefer without giving your customer away to a finance company.

You Personalize the Contract

With RTO Mobile, wireless retailers have the full control to help a customer determine what is best for them. You decide who’s approved, how often they should make payments, the duration of contract, how much should be paid in advance, and other important contract factors.

Never Lose Another Sale

Wireless retailers can now be in full control of the approval process, with the liberty to close 100% of sales that normally would fail because the customer couldn’t afford to pay the full amount all at once. Or, because a finance company said “NOT APPROVED".

Reduce Customer Churn

With RTO Mobile, your customers are now able to obtain and protect the products they really want. Combined with our customer verification, notification and payment technologies, RTO will extend the lifetime value of your customer. RTO Mobile lets you keep your customer.  We don’t take them from you like a finance company does.

phone customer

Payment assurance to give retailers peace of mind.

RTO Mobile’s payment assurance technologies include state-of-the-art phone locking and control capability, upcoming payment notification, automatic bill pay and more. Retailers have confidence that payments from customers will be made on time for cellular rent-to-own products, while customers are kept fully informed of the amounts they owe.

Device Lock

*Devices are available with or without locking technology.

With software technologies developed by RTO Mobile, security components are integrated with rent-to-own contract management systems. Our systems architecture supports smartphones, tablets and wearables in all Android OS devices. Retailers have the added benefit of real-time, over-the-air device registration and enrollment upon contract origination. RTO Mobile’s integration with servers grants access to hardware level device control, managed by Google and Samsung.

Automatic Bill Pay

*Devices are available with or without Automatic Bill Pay.

World-class secure payment processing technology is fully integrated with RTO Mobile’s PowerPortal, providing instant card verification and merchant account access. With card updating automation, retailers are notified upon card expiration and/or reissuance of lost or stolen cards. RTO Mobile’s integration with the largest payment processors and financial technology partners in the world gives retailers fraud protection they can rely on.

Better for your customer, more profitable for you.

RTO Mobile helps wireless retailers attract more customers, close more sales and increase profits with cellular rent-to-own solutions.

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