How It Works

Your Merchandise Becomes Instantly Affordable with
In-House Payment Plans

Because you are in control of who you approve and how you price your plans.

Whether you sell phones or repair them, your customers want payment options. 

Our software boosts retailer profits because it enables store owners to offer in-house payment plans that give customers “buy now, pay later” payment options. Simple for customers to understand and profitable for you.

Why RTO Mobile?

In-house payment plans let you keep the profit, not give it away.

Delight Your Customers
with Affordable Plans That Fit Their Budget

Create personalized payment plans
that fit your customer budgets.  Accommodate special circumstances for special customers with the flexibility to adjust payment schedules.

Never Lose a Sale Again Because Merchandise is "Too Expensive"

Avoid lost sales because customers can't afford to pay all at once. In-house payment plans solve that problem. Offer an affordable down payment with weekly or bi-weekly payments and watch customers say "yes".

Offer 90-Days "Same-As-Cash"
Plus Other Early
Payment Incentives

Motivate and incentivize customers to pay off early with flexibility to create a variety of early payment options. Not only 90-days, but other creative ways to reward on-time and early payment options that customers will love.

Beat the Competition Every Time While Making More Profit
Than Ever Before

Beat the big guys with payment plans that save customers tons of money while you make more profit. Sounds too good to be true, but we can prove how you will save customers hundreds of dollars while making more profit.

The RTO Mobile Software Platform

All-inclusive Software for Cell Phone Store and Repair Shop Owners to Create and Manage In-House Payment Plans

Ultimate Flexibility to Personalize Payment Plans that Suit Customer Budgets

Flexibility of the RTO Mobile software platform enables you accommodate each customer's unique financial circumstances by "fitting" a payment plan to customer budgets Changing the plan when special circumstances arise is simple to do.

Multi-level Payment Assurance Technology Integrated with Each Payment Plan

Our cell phone locking technology is deeply integrated at the device OS preventing circumvention. Automatic-Bill-Pay is integrated with the banking system for real-time payment processing and timely deposits in your account.

Extensive Pricing Control Puts You in the Driver's Seat to Set Profit Levels That You Want

You have full control over the "cash price" of your merchandise.  Simply set the cash price, set an affordable down payment, and then pick the profit level that you want.  Instantly see all the payment plan choices.

Integrated Suite of Management Reports for Daily Operations and Profit Analysis

Keeping track of the profitability of each plan and all plans together is vital to a successful payment plan program. The RTO Mobile Software Platform has robust management reporting with Excel™ download features.

Empowering Retailers to Grow Their Business with In-house Payment Plans

The success stories below are only a few of many success stories about owners who have discovered the power of In-house Payment Plans. Read or listen to what they have accomplished for their business by using the RTO Mobile software platform. Imagine what it can do for your business. These store owners have realized that customers want payment options, and your customers do too.

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