Grow your revenue with RTO Mobile

RTO Mobile offers a state-of-the-art, proprietary software platform that enables wireless retailers and repair shops to offer low risk, maximum return, in-house payment plans that save money for credit challenged customers.

In-house payment plans drive revenue growth

1 year chart showing a 33% revenue increase for a customer who implemented in-house payment plans with RTO mobile.

Actual example of a wireless store that added In-House Payment Plans created and protected with RTO mobile technology. Results may vary.

Additional Revenue

Keep 3 times more revenue instead of giving it to a 3rd party finance company.

Minimal Risk

Revenue stream is protected by best-in-class device control software on the devices you sell.


Easy-to-use software with no long-term contracts, hardware costs, or cancelation fees.

Customer Friendly

Plans designed by you to fit your customers budgets and save them money.

Customers Prefer Payment Options

Give your customers what they want

100 Million

Approximately 100 Million Americans have either no credit or bad credit and simply can’t afford the latest technology.


60% of consumers say they prefer buy now, pay later. Payment options match customer lifestyle and financial habits. Payment options also drive higher ticket sales and more profitable merchandise.

Customer looking to purchase a phone
Our Technology

Your revenue and devices are protected by best-in-class device control software

How we compare to finance companies

Keep your customers and keep your money

Key Benefits
3rd-Party Finance Company
Customers are accurately verified
Green Check Mark
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Customer approval is determined by you
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Short transaction times keep customers from waiting
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You decide the price of merchandise to put on payment plans
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You build a payment plan that fits the customer's budget
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Control of the payment plan belongs to you - change it to help a customer
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Direct access to payment plan information for direct customer support
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Flexible “same-as-cash” payoff options - its up to you.
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Customer Reviews

Hear How RTO Mobile has helped increase revenue

My cellular store is inside of a grocery store in Dallas. I’ve recouped 100% of my initial investment and am now making over $40,000 per month of additional profit from my in-house payment plan program.
— Angelo, FastFix Electronics
Providing affordable in-house payment plans for my customers has now become essential in all of my stores.  We approve customers without relying on a finance company and we offer 90-days same-as-cash payment options.
— Harold, Cellutalk
London, KY is a small town, but we draw customers from all over the region.  My rent-to-own payment plans help customers afford reliable phones they need for everyday life.
— Josh, 1 Stop Phone Shop
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