Unlock Residual Revenue For Your Store with In-House Payment Plans

Discover the Benefits of Going In-House vs. 3rd Party Financing

Tired of sharing your profits with  finance companies?

As a wireless retailer, you work hard to make those sales. And, it cost you plenty to attract the customer into you store. So, why give away profit? It’s time to eliminate the middleman and explore a more profitable way to do business.

The Problem with 3rd Party Financing

It's a common practice—partnering with 3rd-party finance companies to offer financing to your customers. On the surface, it seems like a win-win. But, have you every stopped to see how much profit you give away?

Profit Leakage
Sure, 3rd-party finance companies make things seem simple, but they also take all the profit that you could be making. Some even take your customer's information and sell it to your competitors.
Lack of Control
The minute you sign up a customer through a 3rd-party finance company, you lose control. You don't have access to information about customer payments, you can't help the customer with anything about the financing.
Poor Customer Experience
How about what happens when a customer gets declined from a 3rd-party finance company? Some stores report 8 out of 10 applications are declined. That's not a good customer experience for your store.

Discover a Better Way with RTO Mobile

If you are tired of customers being declined by 3rd-Party finance companies, lack of control, and customers paying too much for smartphone financing, it’s time to explore a better way. Book a no-obligation discovery call with RTO Mobile and take the first step towards your own in-house payment plan program.

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The Problem with 3rd Party Financing

More Control

Set your own terms, your way

Our platform is designed to give you the freedom to select payment plans that fit your customers budget. And, you can create and promote payment plan pricing to beat the competition. It's all under your control.

Want to run a holiday special or offer smartphone upgrades for your loyal customers at special payment plan prices? You can do it all, right from your RTO dashboard.

Increased Profits

Retain profits, don't give...

Let's talk numbers. Imagine you make a sale worth $500. With a third-party finance company, you make $100 of profit, and the finance company will make as much as $500 or even more. With In-house payment plans you control how much profit you want to make.

Better Customer Relationships

Build Strong and Loyal Customer Relationships

When you control the payment plans, control pricing, not a 3rd-party. This means you can tailor your marketing efforts, offer personalized promotions, and build stronger, more meaningful relationships with your customers. With your in-house payment plans, its more than just making a sale; it's about creating loyal customers who come back time and time again.


Seasonal Promotions? Special Deals? You're in the Driver's Seat

The retail world is ever-changing, and flexibility can be a game-changer. With RTO Mobile, you can easily adapt your payment plans to fit seasonal trends, special events, or even local happenings. Your business is unique, and your payment plans should be too.

An Example of a promotion that you could run in your store with RTO Mobile.

See how RTO Mobile has helped retailers grow their business

“I make 3X more profit than I would with 3rd party finance companies.”

— Cameran, 5 Star Wireless

“I have recouped 100% of my initial investment and am now making over $48,000 per month in additional profit!”

— Angelo, FastFix Electronics

“When I saw the math, it made perfect sense. It's all that they promised it would be.”

— Josh, 1 Stop Phone Shop

"I've grown my store revenue by being able to help more customers get the phone they want without the hassles of 3rd party finance company having to approve applications."

— Cody, Hoods Goods

"With RTO Mobile, I have created my own rent-to-own program. No need to have a finance company taking my customers and my profit. RTO Mobile is the best."

— Rafael, Best Connections

"In-house payment plans with RTO Mobile has helped our customers afford the iPhones that they want.  We are opening many new stores, featuring our in-house payment plans"

— Alberto, Smart Rent To Own

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