Goodnight, 3rd Party Finance Companies
Goodmorning, In-House Payment Plans

Unlock Recurring Revenue and Skyrocket Your Profits with Custom In-House Payment Plans—The difference is like night and day!

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Stop Giving Profit Away

The Issue with 3rd-Party Financing

Are you tired of sending your hard-earned customers to third-party finance companies, only to lose control and cut into your profits? We get it. Third-party financing is the old way of doing business. And let's be honest, it's a hassle for both you and your customers.

Too Expensive for Customers

Have you ever looked at how much your customer will pay? Do you think that's fair?

You Lose Control

You and your customer are stuck with someone else's rules and restrictions.

Customer Loss

More and more customers are getting declined and you have to deliver the bad news. Then, worse yet, you lose a sale.

Take Back Control with RTO Mobile

Introducing RTO Mobile, the game-changing solution that empowers you to create custom in-house payment plans. Keep customers loyal, keep the entire transaction in-house, and most importantly, keep more of your money!

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Benefits That Go Beyond Traditional Financing

With rent-to-own payment plans, you can!

Create Custom Plans

Tailor payment options to fit each customer’s budget—great for you, and amazing for them.

No Credit, No Problem

With our custom plans, you won't have to turn away customers like finance companies do. Open your doors to a broader customer base and drive up your sales.

Peace of Mind with Auto-Lock

Sleep easy knowing your costs are covered. Our defense-grade software locks the smartphone automatically for you, until the customer pays their bill.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Offering in-house plans means you’re providing value, making customers more likely to stick around.

Unlock Recurring Revenue

Say goodbye to a one-time sale with little profit and say hello to a steady stream of cash flow with 3x profit.

Increase Profit Margins

No middlemen means you keep a larger slice of the pie.

Seasonal Flexibility

Adapt your payment plans to fit seasonal trends, special events, or even local happenings. Never miss an opportunity to maximize your sales.

Simplify Operations

Our user-friendly interface lets you set up plans in minutes, and keep your customers coming back.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

“I make 3X more profit than I would with 3rd party finance companies.”

— Cameran, 5 Star Wireless

“I have recouped 100% of my initial investment and am now making over $48,000 per month in additional profit!”

— Angelo, FastFix Electronics

“When I saw the math, it made perfect sense. It's all that they promised it would be.”

— Josh, 1 Stop Phone Shop

"I've grown my store revenue by being able to help more customers get the phone they want without the hassles of 3rd party finance company having to approve applications."

— Cody, Hoods Goods

"With RTO Mobile, I have created my own rent-to-own program. No need to have a finance company taking my customers and my profit. RTO Mobile is the best."

— Rafael, Best Connections

"In-house payment plans with RTO Mobile has helped our customers afford the iPhones that they want.  We are opening many new stores, featuring our in-house payment plans"

— Alberto, Smart Rent To Own

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