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Generate Residual Revenue with In-House Payment Plans

Weekly cash automatically flows into your bank account, and compounds with each payment plan that you create for your customers.

Sell More Devices, Make More Profit,
Enjoy Loyal Customers

Reach New Customers

Promoting in-house payment plans in your store brings new customers.

Increase Selling Power

With rent-to-own payment plans, you have more Selling Power when customers can't afford to pay for a good smartphone all at once.

Grow Residual Revenue

Weekly residual revenue from your in-house payment plans is a key to your profitability.

Customer Loyalty

When customers have in-house payment plans from your store, they become loyal customers.

Flexible terms that put you in control

The big 3rd party finance companies want you to believe that one size fits all. That's not true with your own in-house payment plans.

Fit Customer Budgets
If the customer doesn't pay the amount they owe you on the day its due, the phone will automatically lock.
Easy Payment Options
If you want to offer "90 days same-as-cash", you can. Or make it even better. Offer an upgrade after 90 days.
Early Payoff
The RTO Mobile portal stores a payment card on file in the customer record. On the payment due date, it bills the card automatically. You get all of the payment.

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Here’s Why RTO Mobile Can Create a Profit Stream In Your Business

Here's How In-House Payment Plans with RTO Mobile Can Create a Residual Revenue Stream In Your Business.

Amplify Your Profits With In-House Payment Plans
With rent-to-own payment plans profits are amplified because more customers can afford the smartphone they want.
Earn Consistent and Increasing Cash Flows from Customer Payment Plans
With Automatic Bill Pay, customer payments come directly into your bank account from the customers bank account through a stored debit or credit card.
Verify Your Customers Identity for Accurate Records
The RTO Mobile platform applies similar technologies that banks use to capture check images. It securely captures images of customer photo IDs.
Rest Easy Knowing Your Assets Are Secure
RTO Mobile's defense-grade locking technology assures that the smartphone automatically locks if you don’t receive the customers payment on time.
Access Your Customers Payment History
Instantly look up customer payment plan records and customer profile information, all presented online in the RTO Mobile portal.
Give Your Staff The Opportunity To Make More Sales
RTO Mobile is known for its efficient on-boarding and highly specialized training. It's all made available to you.
Your Success Is Our Success — We’re Here to Help You Grow
Mission of your RTO Mobile Account Manager and Technical Support agents is to make your in-house payment plan program profitable and successful.
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Trusted by over 1,000+ Mobile Retailers & Repair Shops