RTO Mobile Unveils its Vision to Make Mobile Devices, Accessories, and Repairs Instantly Affordable

RTO Mobile introduces a software platform enabling retailers to offer rent-to-own plans, making mobile devices accessible for all.

In November 2018, RTO Mobile, a Colorado-based corporation established by veterans in the prepaid wireless industry, embarked on a transformative mission. Their goal is to bridge the ever-expanding gap between the cost of high-quality mobile devices, accessories, and repairs and what the average consumer could reasonably afford. This disparity was becoming increasingly pronounced as mobile devices became an integral part of daily life for people of all backgrounds, yet the associated costs were spiraling out of reach for many. This issue was particularly pressing for individuals whose credit applications were consistently denied by established carriers, financial institutions, and 3rd-party finance companies.

The challenge is accentuated in the fact that there were no viable solutions available to retailers to assist these customers in acquiring what they genuinely needed: a dependable mobile device equipped with the necessary features such as processing power, memory, storage, antenna, and battery life, along with the protective accessories that safeguarded their investments.  The same is true for repairs.  These days, cell phone repairs are more expensive than ever.

Consumers with credit challenges or those lacking traditional banking relationships were just as dependent, if not more so, on mobile devices as their more fortunate counterparts who could easily access high-quality devices from renowned carriers and retailers. Unfortunately, their choices were severely limited, leaving retailers with no option but to refer these customers to 3rd-party finance companies, often resulting in a discouragingly high rate of application denials.

RTO Mobile introduced a visionary solution in the form of a software-as-a-service platform designed to enable retail merchants to establish rent-to-own payment plans with their customers. This groundbreaking platform, known as the RTO Mobile software platform, equips retail merchants with a powerful online portal and tools they need to initiate, manage, and sustain rent-to-own payment plans between themselves and their customers. This approach empowers customers to eventually acquire high-quality mobile devices, accessories, and repair services on terms that are more favorable to limited budgets or immediately available cash to pay for merchandise all at once.

Larry Roches, Chairman and CEO of RTO Mobile, emphasized, "The final frontier for cell phone store owners and repair shops is  to accommodate customers with a diverse range of payment options that are both affordable for customers and profitable for retailers."

Distinguishing itself from any existing solutions in the market, RTO Mobile's vision is slated to become a fully functional, cloud-based software-as-a-service platform, scheduled for beta testing by May 2019. RTO Mobile anticipates widespread adoption of the RTO Mobile PowerPortal among prepaid wireless retail operators across the United States by the close of 2021. This visionary initiative promises to revolutionize the accessibility of mobile devices, accessories, and repairs for those who have been underserved for far too long.

Inquiries regarding this press release should be directed to info@rtomobile.com.

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