RTO Mobile launches support for Apple iPhone April, 2022

RTO Mobile enhances access to Apple iPhones and iPads with in-house payment plans, making quality mobile devices affordable for all.

April 2022, Colorado - RTO Mobile, a pioneer in the prepaid wireless industry, has announced a significant advancement in its mission to enable cell phone store and repair shop owners to create in-house payment plans for high-quality mobile devices and repairs.  The vision is to make this merchandise instantly affordable and accessible to all consumers, regardless of their financial background. The Colorado-based company, known for its transformative approach in the mobile market, has launched support for Apple iPhones and iPads through its innovative software-as-a-service platform.

In November 2018, RTO Mobile embarked on a transformative mission to help retailers bridge the gap between the cost of premium mobile devices and the average consumer's budget. This initiative was particularly focused on assisting individuals who faced consistent credit denials from traditional carriers, financial institutions, and 3rd-party finance companies. The disparity in mobile device affordability and accessibility was a growing concern as these devices became essential in daily life, yet remained financially out of reach for many.

RTO Mobile's introduction of a rent-to-own software platform where retailers could create their own in-house payment plans was a game-changer in the industry. This platform, known as the RTO Mobile software platform, provided retail merchants with the tools needed to offer rent-to-own payment plans. These plans made it possible for customers to acquire high-quality mobile devices, accessories, and repair services on terms that suited their budgets. This approach was a lifeline for consumers with credit challenges or those lacking traditional banking relationships, who were just as dependent on mobile devices as their counterparts with better financial access.

The launch of iPhone and iPad support marks a significant milestone in RTO Mobile's journey. Larry Roches, Chairman and CEO of RTO Mobile, stated, "Our vision has always been for retailers to accommodate customers with diverse payment options that are affordable and profitable. By including Apple iPhones and iPads, the most popular devices in the mobile market, in our platform, we are significantly expanding our reach and fulfilling our commitment to making high-quality devices accessible to all."

Since its inception, RTO Mobile has distinguished itself from existing solutions in the market. Prior to RTO Mobile’s entry into the market, cell phone retailers and repair shops had one option:  3rd-party financing.  The 3rd-party financing approach leaves customers strapped with a very high tot cost of ownership compared to the retail price that mainstream consumers enjoy, and retailers make very little profit. The RTO Mobile software platform reverses all of that.  It is now proven that customers that have in-house payment plans from retailers with the RTO Mobile software platform pay far less in total cost of ownership if acquired through 3rd-party finance companies, and retailers make far more profit.  

The cloud-based, software-as-a-service platform has undergone rigorous testing and has seen widespread adoption among prepaid cell phone stores and repair shop owners across the United States. The introduction of iPhone and iPad support is expected to further revolutionize affordability and accessibility in the mobile market, especially for those who have been traditionally underserved.

With this launch, RTO Mobile reaffirms its commitment to empowering consumers, enabling them to own high-quality mobile devices without the burden of unmanageable costs. This initiative not only benefits the consumers but also provides a profitable and sustainable model for retailers. As RTO Mobile continues to innovate and expand its services, it stands as a ray of hope for those who have long been marginalized in the digital divide.

Inquiries regarding this press release should be directed to info@rtomobile.com.

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