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Double Your Profit Without Risk!

With RTO Mobile, wireless retailers can now cast a wider net by offering affordable, rent-to-own accessory bundles. Popular accessories purchased together - such as phone cases, smart watches, Bluetooth speakers and phone stands - can retail for upwards of $199, deterring your customers from making a purchase at all. But with RTO Mobile, you can increase your accessory attachment rates by selling more bundles with payment plans as low as $4 a week.

A question we are often asked is: What do I do if my customer doesn’t pay? RTO Mobile has built in payment assurance to give retailers peace of mind. Retailers are automatically able to cover their costs with customer down payments that YOU decide. This means there is absolutely zero risk, just profits ready to be earned.

In fact, retailers are able to double their profitability using the RTO Rental Factor. Our RTO Mobile Payment Calculator is an easy to use sales tool which will guide you to the right payment for your customer. You also are in full control of how much additional profit you can make on every sale - profit that you would lose out on if you used a finance company instead.

RTO Mobile is on a mission to give retailers the power to close every sale, make more profit themselves and price merchandise so it becomes affordable for their customers. If you’re interested in learning more or scheduling a demo of our software, please contact us today.